#Chefhaley is a virginia raised, california found girl. born and raised in a small Virginia town, she moved to the Bay Area straight after college, never having actually traveled there herself. adulting is hard work, and cooking quickly became not just a necessity, but a therapeutic hobby that she posted on social media. her small but loyal instagram following (mostly composed of coworkers) constantly asked her for recipes, cooking tips, and ideas. and thus, #chefhaley was born. 

after living in the Bay Area for a life-changing five years, she moved back to her to her home of the east coast. by day you can find her working her full-time marketing job, and by night, well... she's cooking. she's also studying various cookbooks, food blogs/magazines, and of course, browsing pinterest. #chefhaley loves a good margarita on the rocks, brunch of any kind, college football game, retail therapy trip, friday night netflix binge, cup of black coffee, and regimented skincare routine. her and her sous chef, also known as her husband, live in their beautiful home with their two cats, Jackson and lucky. 

in 2015, #chefhaley was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis, which sounds like a Japanese play. but it's actually an autoimmune disorder that attacks your own thyroid gland. with this diagnosis, she's had to become more conscious of everything she eats, specifically regarding inflammatory foods. thankfully, she had a passion for cooking already; but you'll likely see a transformation and evolution of her recipes over time.

no, this doesn't mean she's using any of the hashtags #paleo #keto #vegan #whole30 #macros; she's not a crazy health nut; she still eats normal food. she is a home cook, and wants you to be one, too. she did not attend culinary school or receive any official training, although she educates herself through voraciously watching any cooking show on television or youtube. she doesn't have a fancy camera, she doesn't do this for her full-time job. her belief is that there are no bad chefs, only bad recipes, and hopes to bring you along on her culinary journey of finding great food and learning along the way.

say hello: heyitschefhaley@gmail.com

OR, follow her on instragram (she posts a lot of stories of her cats. you've been warned.)